Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 I haven't blogged much lately-without excuse- except to say I have been exhausted body, soul and spirit 
I have been thinking about the acronym A.S.K., Ask, Seek, Knock. 
What is forming a groove in my brain is the complexity of these three "simple" words. 
Honestly, I don't know what to ask most of the time. My human understanding, my natural bent towards selfishness and my limited ability to stay focused...SQUIRREL!....interfere with the type of "asking" I know Jesus is talking about. 
In a renewed and profound way I am beginning to understand that asking is the key. So my prayer these last few days has been "Rip the veil off Lord!"  "Show me what to ask, show me how to ask, and when to ask because if' as you said, "I have not because I ask not." then I want, I need, to understand  more fully this mystery of petition. "
All I know right now is asking is a key component to a viable prayer life -a viable life in general-that  stays connected to its source of power and moves with purpose. Knowing how to ask means living a life of  expectancy- waiting anxiously to hear God's next whisper. 
Knowing when to ask means I can have peace especially during those seasons when life is exceedingly painful. I can have the confidence that there is a plan for my life and the specific unfolding of that plan is perfectly timed. Like they say in show business," Timing is everything." 

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