Monday, June 29, 2015

Yeah it's Like That....

Yeah, it's like that.
One day life makes some sense then you blink and it sends your whole world adrift. Sometimes even being obedient can subject us to gut wrenching pain. I see now why God is called the "Anchor to Our Soul" because without the the gravitational pull of His love and mercy on my soul I would be lost right now. 

But I'm not lost~I just have no idea where I'm headed :) Wouldn't it be wonderful if God was like MapQuest? I could type my coordinates (or questions) into 'GodQuest' and a little map with step by step directions would pop up on the screen? "Ahha" I would say,"Now this all makes sense!" 


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Club

 I have heard the term "club" used this past year by other parents that have lost children. I suppose in some ways it is- but not a club you join.  If membership were optional, it wouldn't be desired. You wouldn't invite your staunchest enemies to join much less someone you love. This club seeks you out and you have no choice but accept the lifetime membership. Your dues have been paid, there is no escape clause, no loopholes, no expiration date.
 My best comfort has been from eye contact with other members of the "club". They can see into my very soul. Their  hug, like a secret handshake in a fraternity that conveys and understanding  no words can express. Their hand on my shoulder radiates healing into  places deep. 
For all my fellow club members thank you for sharing what I couldn't carry alone. My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight. 
                               Thank you EVERYONE that has come along side of my family.  

                                      Grief shared is lessened and joy shared is multiplied. 
                                                                  Robert David Rodeen
                                 April 25, 1984 *and all the memories in between* June 11,2014
                                                         Thanks for the Memories

aka Thankfulheart