Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Retreat

I am sleep deprived and and not very clear headed today. Our women's retreat always falls on the weekend before Thanksgiving so the week prior and the week after are full of activity.It was such a good weekend there was healing and renewal in the hearts of many women of whom I am one.
The theme of the retreat was I Live to Bring you Praise. Many of the workshops had to do with the seasons of life we all go through as women. We learned about enduring difficult seasons with stamina and faith. We learned about living sacrificially and attaining a higher level of maturity. There was such a unity of Spirit and all of the workshops tied into the teachings in the general sessions perfectly.
I taught two workshops on Thriving in a Difficult Marriage. So many women are locked into marriages that are painful for them and it was a difficult subject to teach on. I hurt for these beautiful sisters, as I looked out over the room I could see the pain in some of their eyes.
I wanted these women to see from my own life that God can heal and restore the years the locust has eaten. I wanted to help them use the tools God has given to us in His word to affect change in their lives. We are not without hope!
To easily we forget that if marriage is our model for the relationship of Christ and his bride the church; then enemy of Christ and the enemy of the church is also very much the enemy of our marriages!
I knew I was teaching two workshops but I though one was going to be in the morning and the other in the afternoon . What I didn't realize until I got there was that the workshops were to be back to back so I talked for two hours straight. Today my throat is a bit dry and scratchy but I was honored to be able to share. I know, I know, you all know me and have no doubt about my ability to talk for two hours straight!!!
At night during the game time we played a game called Mafia. It's been around a while but I had never played before. I am not normally a game person but I had a blast. We stayed up until 12:30 A.M. Saturday night playing. I am not sure it is good to know how easily women in your church can put you on the hit list or how convincingly some of them can lie
I hope each of you has a blessed Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Info on Camp FARAWAY

I have gotten many comments lately especially about CAMP FARAWAY.
The sign was apparently put up by some Canadian military who -like One of Eight -are FARAWAY.
When our son saw the sign around base he could not resist the photo opportunity. A picture as they say paints a thousand words.
Our prayers are with all of these men and women,,,prayers they all stay safe and come home soon!