Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bloggy Titles

Most of us don't get to choose our own names we are born into them or marry into them. BUT we do get to choose our screen names. I have long been facinated by some of the creative names that have passed through my mail box. Okay so I'm the one person that reads bumper stickers and tries to figure out vanity plates. One statement on vanity plates if you can't fiqure them out, why bother? But I digress, over the summer I participated in the Dog Days of Summer give-away and was amazed at the creative titles my bloggy friends had chosen for their blogs. Some were serious or spiritual, others were just outrageously funny but most expressed something about the author. The give away was hosted by Rocks in My Dryer. Case in point the title Rocks in My Dryer, if you have small children -particularly man cubs you have certainly had rocks in your dryer. Some of these creative titles made me smile. Maybe you could use a smile. So here's a few I liked. I am sure at least one will make you smile.
Stretch Mark Momma
Desperately Seeking Sanity
Fresh Brewed Writer
It Coulda Been Worse
Monkey Giggles
Junk in the Trunk
You Can't Unscramble Eggs
Whatcha do Today?
After a Cup of Coffee...or Two
A Frog in My Soup
Antique Mommy
Between Diapers and Dishes
Chocolate the Other White Meat
Conversations With My Hair Dryer
and my personal favorite...Mommy The Human Napkin! Blessings,

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Great Out of Doors

We are preparing for the first family camping trip in many, many years. I am excited about spending time with the kids. My sketch pad is packed and I am good to go!
The thought that One of Eight and his sweet wife won't be with us is sad to me but knowing this is his last deployment is a relief. God has been so faithful to watch over him on each deployment. I am amazed that we serve such a detail oriented God. Nothing escapes His watchful eyes.

I am looking forward to getting alone with God. It is always so wonderful to be able to draw away and listen for Him, especially when you can be in one of those beautiful places He created instead of a man made structure.

God has a plan for each moment of my life, He is a God of detail. I am not always tuned in to his agenda -because I have my own own agenda. In fact, I often lie awake in at night and mentally plan the next day. Unfortunately for me and my agenda scripture makes it clear that we cannot serve two masters. I have to be able to submit my will and my schedule to God. I must surrender not just the day but each minute of each hour in the day.

You might wonder how you can possibly get everything accomplished you need to. Well, I'm not sure. In all honesty I have never in 48 years turned out the lights at night, climbed into bed and said, " Wow! I got absolutely everything done today that I had planned!"
The nature of the beast is this, we can easily become slaves to work. I don't know about you but I want all of God's blessings for my life. Blessings very often do come in disguise and if we are too busy we miss them .
I am not telling you to throw out your schedule but I am saying don't be a slave to it. Be open to the Still Small Voice. If we will lay our schedule on the altar of God's will we might just be surprised by the Divine Interruptions God sends our way.