Monday, November 5, 2007

Camp Understatement


Tanya, the Super Mom said...

wow! that's the real name? crazy...

Anonymous said...

That video of Ken Robinson is fascinating! It's good to see others confirming what we believe in such a classy way!


Nancy Brown said...

No kidding far away.. First time reader.. Love the blog!!

Anonymous said...

Quote: I am a seeker. The more I seek the more I am drawn to the truth that has always been there.

Well here you go!

Camp Faraway is next to the civilian air terminal in Kandahar, Afghanistan. it's also situated on what was an uncleared minefield (the netherland bit technically still is..) it was built early 2006 by 39 engr regiment royal engineers from waterbeach, UK.
It was named by 60 hq and sp Sqn (Air Sp) from that regiment.
our troop made the sign.

Thankfulheart said...

Thank you anonymous poster for the information on Camp Faraway!!! I am touched that you found my little piece of the internet and replied.
Blessings to you and your whole troop and thanks for the sign affectionately known as "Camp Understatement!"
Thankfulheart @