Saturday, August 29, 2009


Yikes what a day! Even though it is now tomorrow! :) I started putting all my thoughts on paper early this morning. Thoughts of hope and renewal. And though I am still hopeful and renewed (although desperately tired). It seems my determination to walk by faith and not by sight was to be tested today.
Almost as soon as I put these thoughts in writing I got a phone call from my husband saying he was having hard chest pains. He had pains last week but they seemed to have eased up. Also they seem to be related to the starting of a new medication. After five hours in the emergency room, heart trouble was ruled out. 

Later that evening as Seven of Eight tried to make a bed in the living room for a sleepover she accidentally broke one of the light diffusers on the ceiling fan. The thick glass broke into two large pieces one gave her a nasty cut on the arm that we needed to butterfly. The other I think conked her on the head because he seemed a bit shocky. Though she didn't remember being hit on the head a few minutes later she passed out hitting her face and head on the way down!
I was beginning to think I was going to spend a few more hours in the ER but she is fine.

I have been informed ( by someone who shall remain nameless...Seven)) that fainting in real life is NOTHING like in the movies! Having had a similar experience once myself I would have to agree!

 Since my children are all bi-lingual and speak fluent sarcasm the jokes have begun.  The best one so far is from Five of Eight who finds the whole thing hilarious (now that he knows his sister is okay.)

" I was a little diffused and then everything went black!"

Good night all!

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