Friday, September 14, 2007

Random thoughts

As I was cleaning the outside of my stove and mopping the kitchen floor this morning my mind jumped from thought to thought as it often does. Here is some of the random thoughts I had running through my head.

What was it that God saw in seventy five year old Abram that made Him want to draw Abram out of a pagan nation to set him apart for Himself? What was it in Abram's heart that pleased God so? Abraham wasn't just the Father of a Nation he was "Ibrhim Khalil -Abraham the Friend'." Father create in me the type of heart that you seek in a friend. Give the tenacity in spirit I see in all of the men and women of God.

What a blessing it is to be cleaning my home ( I didn't always feel this way:) This is Friday, Preparation Day for Jews all over the world. There must be women everywhere cleaning and preparing special food, bathing children and making ready to welcome in Shabbot. Oh, Father please help me to truly see my home as a sanctuary.
Help me to be intentionally hospitable. Help me be intentional about making Sunday and preperations for Sunday special.

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