Monday, September 24, 2007

Art is Not For Sissies

If I could take a dream vacation it would be to Brightwood Studios, home of artist Claudia Nice. If you are interested in nature study, art, or both you will love Claudia Nice's work. I highly recommend How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal . Between the covers you will find detailed sketches on every page with beautiful hand written notes by the authoress. On page fifteen there are directions for making a field kit. I hope to make one soon for each of
the children.
The link below will take you to the studio web page where you can see samples of Claudia's detailed artwork.
If you have a little boy that thinks art is for sissies tell him Claudia Nice's eye for detail and keen sense of observation landed her a job with the search and rescue in her area as a man-tracker! That doesn't sound sissie to me -and might motivate a little more interest in keeping a nature notebook!

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