Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Angel Visits

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
Is it possible for a believer to get to the point that they are without hope? I believe so. I am convinced that any time we allow our focus to stray to the left or the right there are any number of things that can happen to our thought process.
There are circumstances in life sometimes that bump us so hard we can become disoriented. God is compassionate with His children and has encouraged me many times. Occasionally in scripture the words strengthened and encouraged are used interchangeably. With good reason, when we are encouraged we are renewed in our spirit and that encourages us!
The day before Easter I was so discouraged I had lost hope. I don't usually get to that point but on this day I was in a very dark place indeed.
I remember crying out to God. Telling Him "I NEED a Resurrection miracle." "I NEED the shadow of the cross to fall on me and renew my strength!" I went to bed that night broken and spent from crying.
The next morning as I was getting ready for church my husband walked up behind me and with a odd tone in his voice said to me. " I heard somebody breathing on your side of the bed; and it wasn't you." The minute those words registered in my sleep deprived mind I knew...I knew in my heart that God had answered my prayer. "It was my angel." I said, as if angel visits were commonplace and he shouldn't have be surprised by it!
Angel visits are not commonplace. Though I believe we are surrounded by heavenly hosts all the time I do believe it is an unusual occurrence to see or hear one.
Now some of you may have issues with what I am sharing here and that's okay, but if anything I share here is a blessing to anyone then my ramblings of this sleep deprived woman are of great value indeed! I am convinced that God wants to comfort us and encourage us, that is why He sent the Comforter to us. The Spirit is here to comfort and encourage us, He enables us to do God's will and God's work.
We are to likewise encourage and comfort each other. AMEN.

God wants to move mightily in my life and yours too, and will if we let Him. I personally DO NOT want to settle for a mediocre Christian life. I want fire in my veins! All the pain and frustration of these past few months has made me hungry for a life of PASSIONATE FAITH!!!
Aren't you ready to break out of the box? Aren't you ready to see what God will do if you let go? I AM!

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