Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Faith Like Jacob

I don't have many words these days, though I have tried to write on several occasions. I am in an introspective mood. I feel like Jacob wrestling with God. I CAN'T, I just can't let go until I receive the blessing!
There are things that God has promised and God will deliver on those promises-in His time. God's timing is very rarely~ okay God's timing is never~ my timing but it is nice to know all I have to do is endure in the race, to press in and press on! If God has promised He will deliver on His promises and nothing can keep them from coming to pass but I need to pace myself in this race.
The danger is getting discouraged along the way, loosing sight of the victory. Jacob didn't do that. He grabbed on for dear life and refused to give up! Jacob held on through fatigue and injury keeping a death grip on God and as a result he received God's blessing. For Jacob that blessing meant a new identity in God.
The enemy is going to be most active the closer I get to the goal. The track is laid out before me but that doesn't mean he isn't going to throw obstacles my way. The closer I get to the goal, the more he has to lose! So whatever it is you are believing God for press on in faith and don't let go! God is faithful.