Monday, April 12, 2010

Doctor !Doctor!

How often I am the little girl who climbs up on my Daddy's lap. The last few days have been "Daddy's lap" days for me.
I have been struggling for some time with discouragement. I have had no joy in my life and prayer has been difficult for me.
When we are sick we often have symptoms that prompt us to go to the doctor. The doctor asks us about the symptoms we are experiencing
but he understands that symptoms are not the problem. The symptoms are clues that help the doctor to diagnose the underlying ailment.
"My symptoms Doctor, are that I am not happy and I have no joy. I am finding it hard to pray and when I do it seems my prayers are so self-centered. Doctor, I feel like I'm just going through the motions. What is my problem?"
Thankfully my Daddy is a doctor and a very good one at that. His answers are always the right ones but not what I want to hear at times.
" Child, I have promised you joy. It's right here if you want it, you know that. I love you. I have never withheld any good thing from you. Perhaps you feel you are entitled to feel the way you do? You can hang on to those feelings if you'd like to. If you would you rather wear the apron of a martyr or the bandages of the wounded than this beautiful crown of joy that choice will always be yours to make. I'll wait right here.

I have to wonder though if you have any idea how much I would like to see you walk in joy?
Let me ask you a question Child, be honest now, do you really want this gift I am offering you? It is yours, but you have to want it enough to reach out and take it. I have so much more for you too, you have no idea what is waiting here and now! Will open you open your heart and receive? Be courageous Little One and see what the mighty arm of God can do!"

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