Monday, December 21, 2009

Remembered Moments

Life I am told is remembered in moments. I suppose there is truth in that. It would explain why children raised in the same household often have different memories. That would certainly be the case where my brothers and I were concerned. This year is closing quickly. As I look back those remembered moments flicker through my mind like an old reel to reel movie.

I have been considering trying to sketch some of the great women in the Bible. I doubt I could do justice to any of them. Each of them is so poignant in their humanity as they tried to live out their faith with dignity.

As God writes out the story of my life daily I wonder, if it were held up against the snapshots from the lives of these women of faith, how it would compare. I suppose small trials produce small faith. Women like Hannah,Abigail and Ruth, Sarah, Leah and Rachel, Lydia, Eunice and the Mary's all faced giant obstacles to their faith.

My faith has grown to be sure. Each test this past year has been like an endless torrent of waves that I have barely been able to rise above. Truthfully at times it has been only the knowledge that the eyes of my children are upon me that has kept me going. Through it all God has been faithful always whispering in my ear " I am here Child." Oh how I have needed those four little words!

David said his sin was always before him. I know intimately that familiarity with my human nature and my failings. And yet David was also called "A man after God's own heart." I wonder...could the same be said about me?

Each heart knows its own sorrow Scripture tells us. My heart is no exception. Father help me to see beyond myself, beyond my own pain to reach out to others. I have touched the hem of your robe, you have healed me, teach me to put on the garment of praise. The only cure for what ails me is more of You and less, much less of me.

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