Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Ever been in one of those places in life where NOTHING makes any sense? I'm in one of those places, have been for weeks, like an emotional amusement park ride where centrifugal force presses you you hard against the wall and then the floor slowly drops away beneath you feet? Yeah, as a kid I loved that ride! In real life it's not much fun!
Spiritually the foundation I have built my life on has remained unmoved. And yet moment by moment these days I have to choose to obey. This is a season of faith for me. If I let my emotions have their head, they will destroy me. I am unsure at times if I can take the next step of faith the Lord sets before me other times it is a little easier.
I know so little right now. God keeps giving me small encouragements and I am tucking them away until their season comes to pass; that season seems so far away! For now I have this season to walk through. This season is a season of faith and faith alone.
I have never felt more humanly alone in my life. Everything has changed for me.
I often wonder how people navigate through life without the anchor of a relationship with the living God! I am thankful for the Holy Spirit that has been my constant companion and friend. I am thankful for the urging of His presence causing me to press on to higher things and into the character of Christ!

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