Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preachin' to the Choir

As I was sorting through files and trying to get ready for school (we begin on Tuesday) I ran across a teaching I had done a couple of summers ago.
I had been asked to be part of a panel discussion at our church. Each of the four panel members was given a question to address that had been previously collected from the congregation.
The question I got was in reference to knowing when to give up on something or to keep believing in faith. I am using part of that teaching here today because I need to be reminded of these things myself so I suppose in this post ( really in all of my posts) I’m just preachin’ to the choir!
If you have determined that the situation is within the scope of God’s will for your life ( By this time I had gone through how to determine if you are in God’s will.) then scripture is clear, you need to persevere in prayer and in faith until God releases you! When God reveals His will we need to be faithful to obey.
Here are a few more things to remember. God will at times allow a desire or dream to die within us so He can bring new life to it. God wants to be first above all else! He’ll settle for nothing less than our whole heart! Have you completely surrendered this situation to God?
Difficult situation and difficult people are the refining fire that God uses to burn up the impurities in our character. Are you willing to let God change you and not the situation?
God is never late! Remember, God sees all of the player all of the time, and loves us all equally. His timing is always the best timing for all of his children at any given time.
Knowing these things, offer God the sacrifice of praise, thank Him for this situation He has allowed into your life, trusting that no matter what happens God is on His throne, He is in control, and He has a plan for your life!

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Paula said...

You said: "Difficult situation and difficult people are the refining fire that God uses to burn up the impurities in our character."
I've often thought that if it was up to us we would live a life without trials and challenges--and we would never grow. God knows better than us what we need, so he gives us the challenges; but if we will turn to him He is always there to support us through them.
Thanks for the post.