Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Food Prices

You would certainly have to be a hermit not to realize food prices are going up daily. My trip to Sam's Club last night was shocking! I would love to hear how some of you are saving money.Part of my job as CEO and head purchasing agent is to come up with recipes that are fun andnutritious. My personal goal is to make hospitality a ministry. All of these things are going to take more forethought and planning than ever before.I am trying to save money by:1) Reducing the number of trips out. It seems besides the obvious extra gas usage trips out seem to incur additional costs or purchases.2) Eliminate eating out. Besides the rising cost of this "convenience" the nutritional value of take out food is horrendous. It is not wise to train our taste buds to these types of foods.3) Planning a menu and making and itemized grocery list. I have not started a price book but do estimate the cost of each item on my list.4) Use cash. You can spend what you don't have.5) Deal with food as soon as you come home. I cut meat and vacuum seal it before freezing. I find when I do this I usually have "extra" meat to bank in the freezer.6) I don't usually do once a meal cooking anymore but I do "bank' food by fixing large batches or duplicating entree's.7) I try to choose seasonal foods when I can to save money.8) Gardening even if it is one or two items your family particularly likes, such as tomatoes.9) Think outside the box. For example left over steak or tri-tip makes great enchiladas, and cabbage is traditional in some places for tacos. Use what you have. I cannot tell you how many times something has gotten lost in my refrigerator or freezer instead of being used.Here are some fun blogs you might enjoy.Tawra Kellam writes the Living on a Dime newsletter and always has great money saving tips.On her blog you will find a formula for putting together a casserole.http://www.livingonadime.com/blog/The Dollar stretcher is the best resource on the web for saving money.http://www.stretcher.com/menu/first.cfmAnd if like me you would like to stretch your 'hospitality wings' head over to Sandy's site and be inspired!http://www.reluctantentertainer.com/Blessings.

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Amanda said...

We've cut back on eating out, and trekking across town too much, too. And we're eating locally, in season AND organic -- and SAVING money -- by using the local food co-op (abundantharvestorganic.com). I've had to learn to cook new recipes to use what we get, but we've cut out a lot of processed/precooked food which is where the savings comes in. Also, I'm limiting our meat intake and using more beans. And we're eating WELL! Fresh-squeezed orange juice right now, homemade granola, roasted organic chicken and veggies... And we just got baby chicks so we'll have our own fresh eggs in a few months, too! I'm loving it! :)