Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Wine

God has been doing some awesome and amazing things. He has been teaching me things about myself and the direction my life ìs going. Scripture has been like a focused breath on the embers of my waning heart-
stirring passion for the things of God and the things of life. 

I know this new passion will stir up new resistance but I'm tired of being in the "safe" places. I've been living there too long. Doing what?  Hiding from pain? None of us is exempt from pain...It is a part of living and needs to be embraced. Safety has been a self imposed prison causing me to live a life of mediocrity.

I've let Enemy in. He has tied me up, ravaged my household, and has stolen precious things from me. I have allowed this for scripture tells me have all the weapons I need to bring down strongholds. I have just been battle weary and not used them.

I'm ready now to be made new. New wine skins for new wine; new passion, new fire, new life! I want  to hold ALL Yeshua wants to pour into me...not so I can grow full and fat but so I can again be poured out.


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